Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Insoles

Another nocturne. I'm excited about the images but let's face it; the daily text and titles are especially----unmemorable. In blog tradition of describing the painful minutia of daily happenstance, I may start titling my repetitive entries by trivial, but still genuinely autobiographic, details.

The story: Today I bought some red insoles. I change shoes when I enter the studio like Mister Rodgers so that I don't accidentally track lead white across the living room at night. Upon leaving the studio, I was struck by my glowing insoles, nearly as mysterious and deep as the velvet curtains in Twin Peaks' Black Lodge. Regardless of they feel, I'm sure the inner fashion of it will keep me floating. With a teaser like that, I knew I'd have to provide an image. Sadly, the ambient tungsten light is taking away from the effect.


Pesadilla said...

hello, well i´m not good enough with english, but i´ll try to make me understand.

I look some paints of you and i´m very surprised about the feeling that u print on your paint, the color remember me some nightmare with a happy ending, i don´t know, i like it very much, see u soon

Begnaud said...

Nightmare with a happy ending, I like that! Thanks.

By the way, I welcome all international guests to write in their native languages. Being a typical American, I'll have no idea what is being said, but I have a deep appreciation for mystery.

Internet translators will get me in the ball park, so don't be cruel: