Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Like a Tom Waits Song

Some time back in Maine, I was  interviewed by a student as part of a presentation project.  He asked,  "I've heard that you are a big Tom Waits fan, and I've noticed you both have a similar sense of humor.  Has he ever influenced your work?"   I thought on this briefly and replied, "well, I've always wondered, how could I make my work a bit more like a Tom Waits song?"   Apparently, he liked this answer, as I heard later that he added Wait's music to his presentation played alongside images of my work.   I thought this was a rare and singular honor, to share some space and time, no matter how tangentially, with a great artist like Tom Waits.   Then I saw a call for art last month that I simply couldn't resist, so I entered one of my more melodramatic works inspired directly by Wait's music.

I'm very pleased to announce one of my paintings will be on display at the Arc Gallery in San Francisco, California, as part of their upcoming exhibit, "Like a Tom Waits Song."  The show will be on display from May 3 through June 21st. More information  here

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Portraits: Actual and Imagined, in Bladenboro

I installed work today in BVAC Gallery, in nearby Bladenboro, North Carolina.  On display are portraits completed from 2002-2011, of fellow artists and friends from my years in Maine.  If you want to make a quick trip to this charming town, the show will be up through June 7th.  Regular gallery hours are 2-4pm, Saturday and Sunday, and all other times by appointment.  The show is sponsored by the Bladenboro Historical Society, so call ahead for an appointment or directions.

I will be attending an artist reception on Saturday, April 12, from 2-4pm.   Hope to see you there!