Friday, August 14, 2009

Now in Portland

It's a week late, but I have a painting and a drawing in Susan Maasch Fine Art's current show. Here's a little from their August newsletter:

"Susan Maasch Fine Art will be presenting the show 'Lust & Desire'; intended to capture the sultry, sticky and sweet feelings of summer. We are interested in a visual expression of what this means to the artist. Sensuality has been explored in art throughout history and by combining historical pieces with contemporary artists,
we will have a vast interpretation of what Lust and Desire mean. This show will
include works from Pablo Picasso, Josephine Sacabo, Phillip Dvorak, Jack Montgomery, Keliy Anderson-Staley, Kelly Sue Rioux, Joseph Begnaud, Kelly Jo Shows, Tim Clorius, and more. Lust & Desire at the SMFA will be benefiting HIV/AIDS advocacy and the Frannie Peabody Center in Portland. This foundation is committed to compassionate care for the community infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS in Maine...The show will be on display from August 7th to September 18th."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Poland 2010 at Raven

I'm excited to announce a summer 2010 exhibition of my paintings at the Raven Gallery in Kracow, Poland. After meeting with the director of Raven, Zofia Kruk, we agreed to a solo show of paintings on canvas. The specific date is to be announced after the start of the new year, likely in late May or early June.)

Though I do profess love for many cities in Poland, Kracow possesses particular charm as its first capital. On my visit in 2007, I happened upon the Raven gallery while walking in the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, which lies just outside the main tourist center of old town. While many of the galleries in Poland focus on polish artists, or scenes with primarily tourist appeal, I was revived to find in Raven a show of drawings by a contemporary Danish artist. Even more astounding was the ambitious exhibition schedule which was operating on a two week rotation. I am very pleased that I will soon have my own show within the next year's ambitious schedule.