Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From Boston

Just arrived home from Boston. I spent the day visiting galleries that were open on Tuesday including two of my regular haunts, Alpha Gallery and Gallery Naga. Alpha is showing Scott Prior, an exceptionally tight realist and landscape painter. All of his work is carefully planned and painstakingly executed. I was most partial to the newest work, particularly the snow scenes. There was an incredible one of a snowy village receding into the mountains that is not on the gallery link and the snowman painting was not present-- but you get the idea. Gallery Naga's current show features George Nick. Imagine Edward Hopper's colors with the Lucien Freud's brushwork and you'll know that the website images don't relate the vibrance or depth of the real thing. If you haven't been to Gallery Naga, it most certainly is one of the coolest galleries to visit on Newbury Street as it is located within a neo-gothic Presbyterian Church building. Also caught Udo Noger in Walker Contemporary located at the SoWa. It was quite striking to enter a gallery filled with these white, luminescent, silk-skinned paintings and be greeted by a majestic Great White Pyrenees. No insult to Noger's fine work is intended, but this dog was fantastic:

My blogless Monday was spent in the Venetian painting exhibiton in the Museum of Fine Arts. I'll make up for it by posting my review of this blockbuster show Wednesday.

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