Saturday, May 30, 2009

Nesting Jays

A pair of blue jays started nesting last week outside my bedroom window. They were scarce for a few days so I thought they moved on to greener pastures or higher boughs. Very excited they seem to be digging in for the long haul. I wonder if they will terrorize the neighborhood with swooping. Ah the suspense.

View of the paint drying on the sky panel. After banishing the figure, I'm seriously considering Eric's wishes to leave it just as a skyscape to serve as punctuation in the show I'm envisioning. I won't let it go without a couple more layers.

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Pesadilla said...

Hi there. I look your comment in my blog and i invite you to write in your native language too, from now i´ll write in spanish, except some special notes. Well see u soon.

Me parece fantástica tu pintura, es obscura, es marrón, es cegadora, opresiva, tiene un objetivo, un punto en el horizonte y parece que tuvieras que voltear al cielo para comprenderla.

Hey, can i took the picture for my blog?? of course i´m gonna say you are the author.