Monday, May 24, 2010


Latest start:  Using references for this one, a bit of a relief. 20x24 inches. I'm thinking about one hand or two, maybe a bit of foliage if outdoors.

As I sat down to consider my efforts last night, I made a sketch from the painting. I work most things out through the paint, but I do like to draw from my paintings as a way of thinking.  Erasure and contour allow me to project multiple ideas at once, so good luck deciphering.


Unknown said...

The drawing in this one, particularly the structure(?) of her face and the goat is really solid. I guess that may be a result of using reference? Its not to say in the other nocturnes or portraits the subjects seem sloppy or something but it does have a really affixed presence in the picture window of the painting. I also gotta say though the frosty pallet with the greens is pretty awesome I miss the pops of warm tone in the highlights that a few of your lasts posts had. Dunno if its lost in translation in the photos or if you were taking it out, but their is some kind of classic luster it added to the last few that I found very appealing with all the violet.

Begnaud said...

There's always a high likelihood that my photos are bad, but the non-referenced ones feel mushy to me as well. Realists have it easier. Thanks for the post!