Tuesday, April 5, 2016


14 x 11 inches
oil on linen

The first of what has developed into a small series that I am tentatively calling "false monochromes." Like most of my working process, I have been making these concurrently with the small ones (and bigger work that I can't even begin to talk about.)    As you can see (or not see from the photo,)  I have been carefully controlling my color to make a low-contrast image.  Although the work is technically analogous, people have referred to these paintings as monochromes;  various pigments of violet and red-violet predominate.   This painting was exhibited initially in the 2014 UNCP faculty exhibition in the A.D. gallery and most recently exhibited at the 2015 Art Fields in Lake City, South Carolina.   I'll elaborate more on the title concept in my next post.

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