Friday, August 12, 2011


Yes, sunflowers. I'm still in the process of sorting and unpacking my new space in Lewiston, but my life of late has not been all work and drudgery.  When summer days get too hot for comfort, it's best to take the day off and find some water.  My new location, though bit further from the coast, places me within a short driving distance of dozens of lakes.  I've made the most of this opportunity by securing a used kayak from a local craigslist seller and getting some paddling in.   So far, I've had some lovely afternoons on Sabbatus Pond and briefly explored Buker and Sandy Ponds.  On my most recent outing, I drove a tad father to Androscoggin Lake.  While on a road near Leeds, Maine, I was awestruck by this amazing field of sunflowers and had to pull off the road to enjoy it and take some pictures. 

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Danielle Dumont said...

Beauteous! Just don't go all van Gogh on us.