Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Clay Sketch

All the Kracow paintings are still in the works nearing the finishing stage, which means they are hanging on my walls until something truly bothering demands my attention.  The changes are so incremental that I've decided that they would be completely boring as blog posts, except for those who enjoy playing "Where's Waldo"  scoping for changes. It seems all the progress-excitement I can offer comes from those early stages of painting where something dramatic occurs every few hours.   So, I've started a new cycle of canvases that are still that white or blue field stage that should provide something of interest soon.

For a little change, I spent a couple of hours sketching in clay yesterday and snapped some blurry photos for you.  As with most of the work in the nocturnes, I just made him up, or mushed the clay around until the character started to evolve. Although I've yet to work from models, I wouldn't be surprised if this little fellow gets used in the development of a painting someday.  In art, any method that sparks the imagination is fair game.


jason gorcoff said...

didn't know you sculpted joe, looks killer. hows things been? and is that roma plasticine?

Begnaud said...

You got it, roma. I played with clay as a kid just as much as drawing, maybe even more so as a way to create better "action figures." It's been a long, long, while since it was integrated into my daily practice.

Things are good. Looks like you've been making some pretty intense images lately as well!