Saturday, January 30, 2010

Prime Location

Okay, one of the arguably best things to happen to downtown Portland, Maine last year (other than the new SMFA  location) was the opening of Otto's Pizza.   Once you've been an inhabitant of the New York City area, you occasionally pine for it's many world-class museums and galleries, a good bagel, and a really good slice of pizza!  Okay, in Portland we have a rocking gallery scene for our size and some good places to grab a whole pie, but we were really missing a place to grab that perfect slice to go.  Enter Otto and I feel like we've really gone up a notch.   Unique favorites like bacon and mashed-potato pizza literally stop traffic.  Now, I'd like to think that people need art as much as pizza, but I'm not that naive. I'd be willing to wager that everyone in town has learned where Otto is, but might not have a clue where all the galleries are located.   So for those of you who don't get out that much, the Joseph Begnaud solo show, "Night Fictions" will be right across the street for the month of February.  Next time you're grabbing a slice, stroll over and check it out.  Or if you must be lazy, if you can just sit in the window, squint, and admire my Blue Macaw painting. It's right under the second "O."