Monday, April 27, 2009

The Contemporaries are Coming!

The cool kids from the Portland Museum of Art crowd, the Contemporaries, will be coming to the studio building this Tuesday night. We spent last night prepping the hallways and hanging artwork on the second, third, and forth floors.

I really want to spend my time painting, but I'll be grudgingly cleaning my studio today. Now all those little photographs and cards I like to tape all over the walls will come down and go in a box.

I may leave my behind the door area as is, including the crow transom.

By the way, I updated the portfolio site with new, high res images, under the Paintings/Nocturnes section.

1 comment:

martha miller said...

batten down the hatch! i know, i want to work today, too, instead of clean...bah. building looks great, though!!! love the B & W hallway!