Monday, February 16, 2009

Road Trip P1:Camden's Shop of Horrors

I took a road trip up to Lincolnville, Maine on a quest for some of the world's finest stretcher bars. I had placed an order for the makings of what will be three new 58x87 inch canvases. I'll post some pictures of the shop and more information about this shop tomorrow. Right now, I couldn't resist sharing a few shots of my drive up, which I'll stretch into my professional blog here as "research/inspiration:"

The drive was snowy and bitterly cold, but I couldn't resist a few stops to take some pictures of the frozen lakes. Anyways, I pulled over on my way back trough Camden to record what I though was a remarkably spooky looking tree, and noticed a much scarier house across the street. I was stopped in my tracks on the way back to the car buy these dolls posed in a window, which is something I usually stop for when I have my camera. Then I noticed through the darken interior another doll looking out the opposing window. Backing up, as you can see, there are dolls posed in every window. I was freezing, the light was fading, and was parked illegally, so I took as many pictures as I could. No doubt the people in Camden must know the story behind this perpetual salute to halloween and are no longer impressed, but I found it very amusing.


mimicvii said...

[Just wanted to fix a typo..]

There is supposed to be a fairly well known antique doll/dollhouse shop in Camden. Perhaps there is some sort of tie-in there.

As for the reason for your trip. What makes these stretcher bars so special? Are they made of carbon fiber or something? ;)

Begnaud said...

I'm sure that must be it. It's two doors down from a very old/nice Church, so I'm guessing they aren't trying to taunt those going to worship. No doubt the cold and the fading light made it all the more sinister, but I swear this one baby peeking out is undeniably creepy, any time of year. (I'll amend the post with a pic.)