Monday, January 26, 2009

The Sabbatical Experiment

This is my first entry into the weblog universe. I intend to use this as a subsection of my website at and update it as often as possible with views of work in progress, finished paintings and drawings, and updates of upcoming exhibitions where you can view my works in person.

If you are new to my website, or lead to it through this blog, you may want to know a little about me. I am a figurative painter, and have lived in Portland, Maine for just over seven years. I teach drawing and painting at the Maine College of Art, and have just begun my sabbatical, which means I'm working 5-6 days a week at just making my paintings. It's an exciting time, and I've already been painting for about three weeks.

I'm currently working on a series of imagined paintings on, inspired by the dark winters here in Maine. I'll snap some pictures and have them here shortly.


mimicvii said...

I need to go on a video game playing sabbatical... ;)

Good luck with the blogging. I have a hell of a time trying to consistently come up with something worth posting and subsequently end up posting something not worth posting.

BTW, if you are interested, you can point Facebook to your blog's rss feed and any new post you make here will get imported as a Note in facebook.

Begnaud said...

That's way over my head, but I'll try and give it a shot.