Friday, January 22, 2010

Occasional Sightings

I've been asked a few times this week about the portrait that's hanging in the window of Space Gallery.  It's mine alright--- a self-portrait that I submitted it to their current exhibition, "Free For All 2."  You may also notice it's the painting I've been using for my profile picture online for sites like Facebook and Blogger. I imagined that this salon-style survey of Portland artists would be this huge mishmash of colliding images, much like the internet, so I entered the painting under the new title "ID."  A chimera can always use another head, I figured, and it would be my own little conceptual appropriation of the show.   Rather than my head peeking out of a sea of pictures, the curators went ahead and hung the painting in the front window---and nicely, I might add:   plenty of white space and not at all the side-by-side chaos that I imagined.  I've only peeked in to the gallery, but it all looks like a fun exhibit showing a wide range of Portland's talent.   It's up until February 18th, so it seems I will be part of dueling windows on Congress street for almost a month.

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