Friday, July 31, 2009


After a week studying in the museums and churches of Paris, I'm back in Warsaw before heading to Kracow for a few days. Too much to absorb, I spent over thirteen hours in the Louvre alone over three different days, mainly concentrating on particular paintings and sculpture in the less crowded areas. I was not greatly impressed with the amount of work exhibited in the Pompidou, but I can say that the collections in the Cluny, Orsay,and the Musee del la Mode et du Textile are excellent. The Monet rooms are rightfully the focus of the Orangerie, but I was surprised by a large concentration of Soutine as well as a large contemporary exhibit. Of course, I enjoyed the city itself, walking most everywhere, visiting countless churches. Missed a lot as a result, including the Effiel, but my regret extends mainly to the countless little museums still left to see.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Two of Twelve

In the process of packing up a tight set of twelve nocturnes for Poland, I again found two I may have not posted previously. These are finished images, so I've posted them up to the portfolio site, where you should always go if you want to see the highest resolution images.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gallery News

I had a very productive studio visit with Susan Maasch and her team yesterday. They selected two works from the sleep series, a large a painting and a drawing for their Eroticism group show in August. I'm dropping both off next week in advance of my travel to Poland, which will include a meeting with Zofia Kruk, the director of the Raven Gallery in Kracow.

Most exciting, we began planning a solo exhibition of my new work at Susan Maasch Fine Art in January! This will be my first one-person show in the gallery context. So far we're thinking you will see one of the large canvases, the series of night fiction panels, as well as a selection of the nocturnes-on-paper. It's a little far off to announce too many details, but I suspect the paper pieces will be very affordable and will sell out quickly. If you'll pardon my advice to new collectors, the value is guaranteed to only go up from here, so this is the last opportunity to get a Begnaud on the ground floor. If there's a nocturne that you've got your heart set on owning, give Susan a call now and place a reserve. It's not uncommon for shows to sell work before an opening, so don't wait and be dissapointed.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Forgotten Ones

I've had a few nocturnes that I could have sworn that I had posted, but it appears not. In fact the second one I hates so much that I did not post in it previous incarnation with a weak, smaller male figure. (It seems I did not even record it, leaving one for the x-rays.) The first two are on linen, and the last on paper--unfinished to varying degrees.