Monday, June 1, 2009

Time Travel

With any luck, I am now in Stonington, far away from any sort of internet connectivity. It's a perfect opportunity for me to try out Blogger's feature of being able to schedule posts, allowing me to write this on Sunday morning and publish it tomorrow. While not exactly being time travel, I do find the ability to play with the perception of time fun. In the spirt of this, I will future-post some some retro images each day at various times until I return on Thursday to amuse my faithful readership, which I like to call "The Eleven." When I return, I will then re-edit their time stamps, burying the images under their correct dates in the past, allowing them to be only found by following the "retro" tag under the post, assuming you can find a retro entry with said tag to begin with, or by happening along the post randomly by selecting from the archive menu. Confused yet? Good. Meanwhile, send good thoughts as I experiment with painting outdoors, something I have yet to attempt.

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Pesadilla said...

Hello, can u check my comment on your 30 of may post.

Thank U