Saturday, March 14, 2009

Crow Hunting

I've been photographing corvids (crow family) regularly in Poland, but I realized recently in the studio that I was lacking the good old American variety. So, I’ve spent the last month here walking to the studio with my big heavy camera, and no luck. I ran across some last week in Deering Oaks park at dusk and tried my luck there again tonight, but they were all flying west. I followed them around town with my car and was very surprised to find them down by the cove near the 295 on ramp. They really hate being photographed and tend to fly away. I tried to entice them with bargain parrot-seed I bought at Target, but it just drove them back further. The last picture is from the Western Promenade, which is where the scared ones were flying to from the beach. I think I finally frightened them back to the interstate before going home for the night.

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